What if you could sit in the studio with two seasoned mixers every month and watch them mix a song?

Pair that with fresh multitracks for practice, live coaching calls and a supportive online community - and watch your mixes improve in a fraction of the time it would take on your own.

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The Guaranteed Way
To Get Better At Mixing

We get it – you’re here because you want to churn out better mixes.

So many products advertise that promise – “Buy this and your mixes will improve.”

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Sure some tools are necessary and others can help a bit, but no product out there can give you a guarantee of mix improvement.

Do you know what can?

More mixing.

That’s right – the only guaranteed way to get better at mixing is to practice.

It’s painfully simple – but powerfully wonderful and encouraging if you let the truth of that statement sink in.

Every time you complete a mix (and I mean FINISH that sucker) you improve. It’s that simple.

And that is why Dueling Mixes is so effective for our members – it practically FORCES you to finish a mix every single month. You can’t help but improve.

And of course, it’s more than simple practice multi-tracks.

– It’s dedicated training tutorials each month, for THOSE multi-tracks, from two different pro mixers.

– It’s live coaching calls every month.

– It’s the most supportive mixing community on the planet.

– It’s the mentorship, and “touch point” with other home studio owners like yourself that is so lacking today.

And the best part?

It’ll cost you less than a budget mic cable.

What Our Members Are Saying...

I've been with Dueling Mixes since the first month, and it's been hands down the most important piece of the puzzle for me as far as recording and mixing goes. But what has really kept me around for so long is your's and Joe's positive attitudes. You seem like good dudes and I enjoy learning from you both

Daniel R. Dueling Mixes Member

Dueling Mixes has given me the opportunity to avoid years of painful, and potentially unrecognized, mistakes and has rapidly accelerated my skills to a level at which I feel confident enough to offer my services and build a healthy client base

Sean M. Dueling Mixes Member

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                                                       Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work at my own pace? Absolutely. Life gets busy. We know. If you’re too busy one month to knock out a mix, that’s cool. BUT, make sure you download the content before the next month rolls around, so you can access it when you have time.

Can I use these tracks for my portfolio? Yes! Each artist that we use on Dueling Mixes has signed off on letting us share the tracks freely. This means you can (and should) totally take YOUR mixes of each song and use them for portfolio building. You mixed them didn’t you?! Just think, in one year you will have 12 more mixes to showcase on your website!

Do I have to use Pro Tools? Nope. Graham will be mixing in Pro Tools. Joe will be mixing in Studio One. The multi-tracks will be provided as consolidated 24-bit WAV files, which can be imported into any DAW. We’ll teach the concepts to you, and those concepts can be applied to any system.

Are the videos downloadable? Absolutely. They’re yours to keep, forever. You can even play ‘em on your iPhone or iPad! (How fancy is that?)

If I can’t make it to the live coaching call, will you shun me forever? Of course not. If you can’t make it to the live coaching call each month, just submit any questions to us via email, and we’ll make sure to answer them…and we’ll do our best not to shun you.

Will you guys be critiquing our mixes? Unfortunately, no. Critiquing mixes takes up far too much time. We couldn’t commit to personally critiquing hundreds of mixes. That’s why we’re giving you BOTH of our mixes plus a video and a Q&A. You can compare your mixes to ours, and then watch the videos to see what we did differently from you. Also, we recommend you post your mixes in the specified members area for other members to listen to/critique.

Will I get access to all the past content? Yes. By joining today you also get access to the entire back catalog of Dueling Mixes. So you can view 50+ mixes across different genres and get the multi-tracks for all of them.

Will you be keeping score? Abso-freaking-lutely. Each month, members will vote on whose mix they like best (Joe’s or Graham’s). We will be keeping score, and the winner will be bragging profusely.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Not sure.

                             Ready to improve your mixes? Join Dueling Mixes today!